15 TON / 18 TON / 23 TON Electric Drive Refrigerated Seawater System

This standard 15 Ton RSW package packs a punch. The unit is prewired and ready to run. It comes complete with remote wheelhouse panel and is run-tested in our shop to ensure product reliability.

After pre-chilling seawater in hold, start adding in fish and see how quick it chills 65,000 lbs down to 32°F.

he 23 ton RSW is built as a compact comparative to the 25 ton unit. At only 52” long and 37” high it fits into most tight spaces. This unit easily chills 100,000 lbs of fish down to 32°F in 4 hours when added to pre-chilled sea water in hold.

This unit has a stacked 3 barrel PWR titanium chiller pack. The chiller barrel housings are removable for easy cleaning and inspecting. This unit comes complete with starting electrics and remote wheelhouse panel. It is ready to run. Hook up your power, condenser and brine water lines and start chilling.