PacWest Aluminum Evaporator Plates

singlecontact freezer

Single Contact Freezer Plates

A Better Solution for Profitable Freezing. PacWest freezer plates are the preferred choice when compared to others. They are superior in performance and quality at a very competitive price. Their highly enhanced surface area, both inside and out, provides excellent heat exchange properties. The outstanding corrosion resistance guarantees long life. Our aluminum evaporator plate dominates the fishing industry of British Columbia, is in widespread use along the entire west coast of North America and finds ever greater acceptance in many fishing communities around the world.

Freezer plates are available in multiples of 8 inches (20cm) wide and up to 20 feet (610cm) long

Key Advantages:

  • A flat surface on top of a heavy aluminum bed for maximum conductivity and heat transfer out of the product placed on it.
  • A heavily finned bottom surface for maximum heat exchange with the air over the product.
  • A sturdy, augmented (internally finned) refrigerant passage every four inches, keeps the amount of refrigerant required to a minimum, while providing a maximum of heat exchange surface with that refrigerant.

These plates are being manufactured in widths that can be any multiple of 8 inches (20 cm) wide and any length from less than 4 feet (1.2 meters) to 20 feet (6.0 meters) long. Longer plates are generally more economical, since much of the cost of manufacturing them is in the end weldments, which remain the same regardless of length.

Freezer Racks

Individual and custom plates are supplied with simple inlet and outlet flanges. Assemblies of plates into complete freezer racks with a wide variety of sizes and configurations are also available. Some of these use innovative branch circuiting for maximum efficiency and simple installation.

Typical single contact plate freezer racks, sized in almost unlimited range of depth and length to fit the often-limited space. They can be designed for thermostatic expansion or pump re-circulation, equally suited to all refrigerants, ammonia as well as freon.

freezer racks 1

One of two 5½ m long freezer racks, ready to be crated and shipped overseas.

As you will notice this freezer plate has many advantages over the commonly known Dole plates:

  • Its heat exchange capacity is at least 50% higher.
  • Multiples of 8 inches in width and length of up to 20 feet in small increments give almost unlimited possibilities for freezer rack sizing.
  • Fastening to ceiling or walls is simplified in comparison, since it can be bolted anywhere through the plates into available hard points.
  • Outstanding durability due to their heavy walled construction and corrosion resistant properties.

Hold-Keeping Plates

Besides their use in product freezing, they are also ideal as ceiling plates in low temperature storage areas where their particular advantages are required:

  • Low product dehydration
  • Constant uniform temperature
  • Minimum space requirement (compared to blower unit air circulation)
  • Availability in wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any space. Multiples of 8 inches in width and length of up to 20 feet in small increments give almost unlimited possibilities for ceiling coverage in fish holds and plants.
  • Low cost especially in longer lengths.

The construction of these plates is very strong, with all piping equivalent to schedule 40. This makes them highly resistant to damage and abuse as well as to corrosion. Their aluminum construction makes them suitable for use with any refrigerant currently in service including ammonia and also makes them ideal for ultra low temperature applications.

holdkeeping plate

Typical holdkeeping plates. They can be supplied in multiples of 8 inches (20cm) wide and in increments of inches from 24″ (60 cm) to 20′ (6 m) long.


Typical layout of under-deck plates, which in a vessel with sufficient insulation can maintain temperatures of minus 40 degrees and lower.